Our airplanes and helicopters

We love new and modern aircrafts with the best equipment

Cessna Corvalis 400
Cessna Corvalis 400 490 EUR/h

Modern and very fast airplane for comfortable traveling in Europe. Cruise speed of 320 km / h and range around 1300 km. The airplane is designed for up to 3 passengers. Equipped with a turbocharger for higher level flights and de-icing.

300 km/h
3 passengers

Cirrus SR22
Cirrus SR22 536 EUR/h

Currently the most modern aircraft in its class. This aircraft is really missing nothing. Speed, great comfort for passengers, rescue parachute, advanced avionics as well as the opportunity to fly in almost any weather makes it an ideal aircraft for travels. You´ll really enjoy this aircraft.

295 km/h
3 passengers

Piper Meridian
Piper Meridian 1 000 EUR/h

Convenient aircraft for fast travels across Europe with great value for passengers. The aircraft is equipped with a pressurized cabin with high comfort and convenience for passengers.

425 km/h
5 passengers

Pilatus PC12
Pilatus PC12 1 840 EUR/h

This aircraft equipped with pressurized cabin offers comfort for up to 6 passengers with luggage. The aircraft is one of the few in this category able to land also at small airports near your destination.

470 km/h
8 passengers

Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40 312 EUR/h

The most modern aircraft currently in its class. It uses the latest technologies available now. Engine burns kerosene aviation fuel as well as large airliners. With a sophisticated aerodynamic shape it´s capable of flying up to 240 km / h. You´ll really enjoy flying this aircraft.

235 km/h
2 passengers

Cessna 172 SP
Cessna 172 SP 288 EUR/h

Modern, reliable and economical aircraft mainly for shorter flights to 600 kilometers. We run more of these aircrafts but you will fly the best of our planes that are almost new - year 2010 and equipped with the latest avionics comparable to airliners.

195 km/h
3 passengers

Hawker 400 XP
Hawker 400 XP 2 680 EUR/h

Private jet for up to 7 passengers. Great price-to-passenger ratio. Suitable for flights up to 2000 km, ie for whole Europe including Spain. Departures are from Václav Havel Airport Prague.

712 km/h
8 passengers

Robinson R44
Robinson R44 728 EUR/h

Helicopter landing into terrain requires beside additional special skills of the pilot also permit of the desired landing area owner. Usually, we provide departures from Prague Letnany and Brno Medlánky airport.

200 km/h
3 passengers


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