Pilatus PC-12


A modern and very fast plane for comfortable travel across Europe.

Speed (km/h):


Flight level (m):

7 620

Max passengers:


Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12
Pilatus PC-12

This aircraft equipped with pressurized cabin offers comfort for up to 8 passengers with luggage

The aircraft is one of the few in this category able to land also at small airports near your destination. Versatile, safe, reliable. Through Europe and beyond at speeds up to 470 km/h. Our customers rate the Pilatus as their most popular single-engine business aircraft.


Maximum weight of all passengers and luggage

980 kg

You can take all necessary luggage with you. We are only limited to the maximum weight of all passengers and luggage. If you have special requirements for oversized luggage, please contact us.

Aircraft cabin

The cabin has room for 8 passengers with really generous legroom and adjustable seats. For longer flights, you'll appreciate not only the airy space and great seats, but also the on-board lavatory.

Only new and modern aircraft with the best equipment

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