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It is not possible fly with large aircraft now, but with small ones. You're right here.

Respectively, we will do our best to transport you to the desired destination with regard to the current restrictions on air transport. Due to the fact that you rent the entire aircraft from our company, we are able to secure the flight according to your schedule and requirements.

Current restrictions in air transport in Europe (briefly):

  • So far, foreign flights can only be operated from and to Václav Havel Airport in Prague. In the case of a flight from our other airports (Ostrava, Brno, etc.), we must make a stopover at Ruzyně Airport for passport clearance. Upon return, the Czech authorities require the submission of a test for COVID-19, which is not older than 4 days, or order a 14-day home quarantine.
  • The requirements of different European countries for the entry of foreign nationals differ. For more information on the requirements for your destination on a private flight, please contact our dispatch.

Flight price calculation online

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TIP: If you wish to fly from abroad to Czech Republic enter the data as a departure from Czech Republic. The price will be the same.

Prague Letňany

Košice Airport

Aircraft Max. passengers Fligth duration Price per passenger Total for the plane
VL3 evolution VL3 evolution * 1 2:24 30 420 CZK 30 420 CZK
PS28 Cruiser PS28 Cruiser * 1 3:05 43 670 CZK 43 670 CZK
Diamond DA 40 Diamond DA 40 * 2 2:30 25 970 CZK 51 940 CZK
Cessna 172 SP Cessna 172 SP * 3 3:01 17 820 CZK 53 460 CZK
Cessna Corvalis 400 Cessna Corvalis 400 3 1:50 18 610 CZK 55 830 CZK
Cessna 206T Stationair Cessna 206T Stationair 5 2:15 13 646 CZK 68 230 CZK
Cirrus SR22 Cirrus SR22 3 1:55 24 183 CZK 72 550 CZK
Robinson R44 Robinson R44 * 3 2:56 45 490 CZK 136 470 CZK
Pilatus PC12 Pilatus PC12 8 1:15 25 659 CZK 205 270 CZK
Prices do not include VAT


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